Our Recent Publications

The EVHybridNoire Public Policy Toolkit highlights the historical and present inequities in transportation to help policy makers understand the industry landscape and where it must be improved. The toolkit goes on to provide an introduction to e-mobility, a contextual overview for working on e-mobility with an equity-centered approach, and specific policy recommendations for equitably advancing e-mobility.

The toolkit pillars are:

  • Consumer Engagement
  • Community Engagement
  • Workforce Economic Development
  • Public Health and
  • Clean Infrastructure Deployment


Toolkit recommendations are based on extensive research conducted in diverse communities across the United States. EVHybridNoire focuses on understanding EV attitudes, knowledge, and beliefs in Black, LatinX, Indigenous as well as general market sectors. This specific research also includes key informant interviews, focus groups, community listening sessions and landscape assessments, which are the principles of diversity, equity and inclusion that drive the mission of EVHybridNoire.

The toolkit – developed over a year-long period with input from subject-matter experts across the sector – is intended for use by policymakers and regulators at federal, state and local levels to help guide policies that benefit all people. Policymakers can utilize these recommendations as they build programs that are tailored to the needs, circumstances, and priorities of their respective communities.


This packet includes basic information on medium-heavy duty vehicles and the negative health impacts they have on overburdened communities. Guidance includes social media tools and equitable policy considerations for state, local, and federal policymakers.


This brief consolidates key findings from our research in Raleigh and Durham. We investigated mobility experiences of a diversity of stakeholders in the area, including their mobility gaps and attitudes towards Electric Vehicles.