Press Statements on Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act from EVHybridNoire Co-Founders Terry Travis and Dr. Shelley Francis

Nov. 8, 2021—Late on Friday, Nov. 5, the House moved forward in addressing and accelerating climate change strategies and providing funding for the surface transportation system by passing the bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act

Statement from EVHybridNoire co-founder Terry Travis:

“As the Senate now works to resolve the Build Back Better package, Senators must keep in mind the triple bottom line opportunity in front of us. We have an opportunity to make investments creating good paying green jobs, reducing emissions in overburdened communities, and addressing transportation burden across the country. This is specifically important for underserved and vulnerable frontline communities, which face the brunt of our changing climate and current transportation system. We must advance bold investments in multimodal electrification, ranging from electric vehicles, mass transit, school buses and medium-heavy duty freight to electric vehicle supply equipment and EV charging infrastructure.

“This vote is a positive step toward meeting climate positive goals and is the most significant investment package in transportation and mobility in the last half century. However, while EVHybridNoire welcomes this transformational achievement, the work is just beginning — we have to act with the urgency of now to ensure that overburdened communities no longer face the brunt of transportation emissions and are prioritized as we begin to plan, design, implement and accelerate multimodal electrification strategies.” 

Statement from EVHybridNoire co-founder Dr. Shelley Francis:

“It’s long overdue that Congress prioritizes diversity, equity and inclusion, and environmental justice while putting the health of its constituents first. Part of this investment is that as we accelerate and deploy charging infrastructure that we do it in a way that is equitable and that this deployment doesn’t leave any community behind.

“We call on Congress and the Administration to act on behalf of the electorate who overwhelmingly changed the political landscape by voting (1) for progressive, climate friendly policies, and 2) to bolster incentives for e-mobility and equity centered solutions.

“Our next steps will change the course of climate resiliency and equitable transportation and mobility for generations to come. We look forward to working closely with Congress and the White House as the Build Back Better Act is finalized.”