EVHyrbridNoire exists to inform, educate and increase awareness of the changing automotive landscape and to increase access to new auto technology to a wider, more diverse audience. We seek to address the gap in access/adaption of diverse audiences and electric, hybrid, and alternative fuel vehicles. As the major automotive manufactures are moving into this new energy/transportation future by committing to all electric or alternative energy platforms, EVHybridNoire is well positioned as a catalyst for change.

Aerial photo of traffic on overpasses above an interstate interchange.

Outreach and Education

Currently, EVHybridNoire is focused on educating underserved and diverse communities about the benefits of Electric / Hybrid Vehicles ownership, present various vehicles options and prices points, and advocate for increasing the availability of and access to the public charging infrastructure to more diverse communities. Staff are available to develop, lead and facilitate in person or web-based workshops, seminars, as well as survey development and facilitation with our diverse member base.