Our Story

EVHybridNoire is the nation’s largest network of diverse electric vehicle (EV) drivers and enthusiasts. As such, we engage with communities often left out of e-mobility discussions, advocate for e-mobility solutions in underserved communities, and work to shift the e-mobility narrative to include diverse populations.

Widescale, multimodal electrification is not just an environmental solution, but a public health one. BIPOC and low-income communities are disproportionately impacted by air pollution and transportation emissions, and the disparity is reflected in health levels. In 2018, Black individuals were 42 percent more likely than white individuals to have asthma in the U.S. By advocating for e-mobility solutions specific to these communities, our work unites transportation access, environmental equity, and public health. Our expertise spans many aspects of e-mobility equity, including workforce development, data collection and analysis, multimodal mobility and creative financing of e-mobility solutions. At EVHN, we prioritize grassroots engagement and community outreach to ensure that electrification strategies are in line with community needs and priorities.

We envision a world where all communities are free of air pollution from cars and trucks, and everyone can reap the health, economic, and sustainable benefits of EVs and other e-mobility solutions. It is only through a commitment to equity and inclusion that we can truly drive the future forward.