Our Programs

We bring e-mobility solutions to all people, exactly where they need them.

At EVHybridNoire, we raise awareness of the benefits of EVs and other e-mobility solutions, particularly for underrepresented communities who are hit first and worst by air pollution and climate change. We advocate for equitable EV and charging infrastructure policy and strengthen local and national e-mobility advancements by amplifying the voices of diverse communities. By centering these individuals in the electric narrative, we find community-led solutions that generate health, economic, and environmental benefits for all. 

Specifically, our work spans: 

  • Grassroots engagement
  • Advocacy and decision-maker education
  • Media outreach and communications campaigns
  • Speaking engagements and thought leadership
  • Research 

Our work is made possible by generous donations from foundations including the Bloomberg Philanthropies, the Energy Foundation, the Cleveland Foundation, the Heising-Simons Foundation, the William & Flora Hewlett Foundation, the Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation, the McKnight Foundation, and the Wend Collective.

Young Black Woman riding on an electric scooter
Electric City Bus

Programs in Action

Grassroots engagement

It is through our work at the local level that we can understand the lived experience of the communities who bear the brunt of climate change and air pollution. As the largest network of diverse EV drivers and enthusiasts in the country, we provide a platform for our members to testify before entities such as the Environmental Protection Agency, theDepartment of Transportation, and local and state policy makers so they can advocate for the solutions that best serve their communities’ unique needs. We build relationships with ‘grasstop’ community leaders to educate them on advancements and developments in the transportation landscape so they can disseminate information to their communities. Lastly, we build coalitions of community-based organizations across a variety of disciplines to build support for e-mobility solutions. A large part of our role is to increase the visibility of EVs in diverse spaces, so our Ride-and-Drive events (among others) bring the technology to where potential drivers are, allowing them to try it for themselves while learning from our membership and thereby “normalizing” EV adoption.

Advocacy and decision-maker education

At the governmental level, we consolidate our subject-matter expertise to provide detailed policy recommendations on best practices for e-mobility and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. We work with local, state, and federal policy makers to ensure that this new transportation frontier considers all types of driver identities and breaks from the historical inequities that have too often left people behind. Our Public Policy Toolkit highlights our industry-leading research and  recommendations.

Media outreach and communications campaigns

In order to strengthen the local and national narratives about EV ownership, we collaborate on a variety of media outreach and communications campaigns to expand the image of what an EV owner looks like. We work with companies in their development of communications campaigns and provide our expertise on campaigns appropriate for multicultural audiences. We specialize in message testing, campaign development, and social media engagement to broaden the EV tent and show diverse EV drivers. Our clients range from auto manufacturers to utility providers to charging companies, and we provide guidance and development so that videos, photos, and other content are all in line with best practices. By broadening the horizon of what a ‘typical’ EV driver looks like, our work invites more folks into the driver’s seat.

Speaking engagements and thought leadership

We bring our industry-leading thought leadership to dozens of engagements every year and host our own events to bring together leaders from across the e-mobility and equity spaces. Our team has spoken at top conferences such as South by Southwest, Black Futures Weekend, Essence Festival, Roadmap, Black Wall Street, ETS and EPRI. We work alongside government agencies — such as the Department of Transportation and the White House among others — to provide our expertise in a variety of speaking capacities. Most importantly, we host the National E-Mobility, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Conference: a national forum for conversation focused on centering equity in programs, policies, and practices related to electric transportation. The conference provides an opportunity to highlight and learn from diverse voices working across the e-mobility ecosystem, and creates pathways for diverse professionals to engage with the industry. It is the first conference of its kind and a highly anticipated event in the industry.


We have the largest repository of data and research on diverse communities and electrification. We conduct both qualitative and quantitative research on general market and multicultural consumer markets. Our multifaceted approach investigates the attitudes, knowledge, and electrification beliefs and experiences in communities often dismissed in the e-mobility space. Instead, we put their lived experiences of mobility issues front and center. By understanding current barriers to access, transportation gaps and costs, and the priorities and obstacles in individual communities, we can use our research to inform e-mobility policy, infrastructure, and deployment that will truly benefit these populations. We investigate what information sources people trust when deciding on an EV and how those sources vary across identities.