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Low Maintence

Reduced maintenance comes with fewer moving parts. EV Drivers report their general maintenance reduced to replacing windshield wipers and rotating tires resulting in less time and money.


The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration awarded the Tesla Model S a 5-star safety rating in every subcategory – a designation only one percent of all cars achieve.

Low Noise

Since electric cars make virtually no noise, you can look forward to a future filled with peace and silence, and maybe even a few chirping birds.

Illustration of a car, from a top down view.

Low Emissions

Cars with lower emissions are not only good for the environment, they improve public health. Less ozone, carbon dioxide, and other chemicals in emissions make it easier to breathe by improving air quality.


Because electric cars have high torque power, their pickup is very quick and smooth, leaving gas-powered vehicles eating dust.


EV cars get preferential parking spaces located near the entrance to stores, the ability to pass everyone in high-occupancy lanes ( HOV Lanes ) on the highway and free public charging.