EVNoire Hosted Congressional Breifing On Report About EV Interest


Media Contact – Mary Kate O’Leary


EVNoire, leader in multimodal electrification and electrification DEI, briefed Congressional members on the latest findings regarding electric vehicle interest across demographics. 

On Wednesday, February 22nd, Representative André Carson hosted a congressional briefing in which e-mobility thought leaders, EVNoire, presented findings from a recently published study on electric vehicle (EV) interest across demographics. The report, by Consumer Reports, EVNoire, GreenLatinos, and the Union of Concerned Scientists, is a nationally representative survey that investigates disparities in EV adoption and identifies consumer concerns that are critical for Congress to address as they create e-mobility policy.

EVNoire’s congressional briefing presented the survey’s main conclusions, namely that Black and brown communities represent a top demographic for potential EV ownership, despite being hindered by a lack of access, lack of representation in media campaigns, and limited infrastructure. The report echoes previous EVNoire studies that demonstrate interest is high among all consumers. Yet, a lack of direct exposure to the technology, concerns regarding price, and limited public charging infrastructure keeps Black and brown drivers from making the switch to driving electric. EVNoire provided expertise on how policymakers can address these gaps during the briefing.

Given that BIPOC and low-income communities disproportionately suffer from transportation emissions and air pollution, these groups must be prioritized in the switch to multi-modal, e-mobility solutions. EVNoire provides information about and solutions for these inequities by utilizing human-centric and data-driven frameworks to achieve equity and inclusion within the transportation sector. EVNoire’s work investigates current attitudes, knowledge, and opportunities around e-mobility solutions, and investigates how they intersect with existing community mobility needs and gaps. Working at the intersection of transportation, socio-environmental factors, and public health, EVNoire is creating an e-mobility landscape where drivers of all identities and backgrounds have access to clean energy solutions that fit their lifestyles. Read the report to learn more.


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