EVHybridNoire Attends EV Education Day At The Georgia Capitol


Media Contact – Mary Kate O’Leary, marykate@evhybridnoire.com

EVHybridNoire, leader in multimodal electrification and electrification DEI, joined electrification advocacy groups in hosting Electric Vehicle Education Day for Georgia legislators and key stakeholders.

ATLANTA— On March 7th, EVHybridNoire joined a coalition of Georgia transportation electrification groups and businesses hosting an Electric Vehicle Education Day at the state capitol.  The event brought together electrification advocacy groups, industry leaders, and Georgia legislators to discuss the benefits of electric vehicles (EVs). They discussed the current landscape of the industry in Georgia, which has seen significant investment in recent years: automotive and manufacturing companies made over $2.9 billion of investments in 2022 alone. EVHybridNoire and other industry leaders educated state legislators about the growth of the industry, the opportunities within the e-mobility revolution, and the obstacles we face in order to achieve widespread adoption. 

With heavy recent investment, the e-mobility industry is projected to create more than two million jobs by 2035. Georgians have already started to benefit from the investment, with industry players Rivian and Hyundai Motor Group opening production facilities in the state. Events like Electric Vehicle Education Day are crucial to ensure that the foundation of e-mobility policy, in both Georgia and across the country, is drafted with a commitment to equity, inclusion, and accessibility. 

The burdens of transportation emissions are not shared equally. Rather, Black and brown communities suffer disproportionate exposure to transportation emissions. They suffer worse health outcomes as a result of historic inequities and cumulative exposure. These communities will receive widespread health benefits from the transition to e-mobility options; however, they deserve to reap the economic benefits as well. EVHybridNoire is proud to join alongside advocates, companies, and legislators to ensure that the future of e-mobility is built with all identities and communities in mind.