EVHybridNoire Statement on Final EPA Rule

Shelley Francis, Director and Co-Founder, EVHybridNoire

“Another step in the right direction! As the impacts of climate change continue to worsen, especially for frontline communities, we’re glad to see that under the leadership of Administrator Regan, the EPA has strengthened the proposed federal clean cars standards. For decades, communities of color have been faced with the hardest impacts of air pollution resulting in higher rates of asthma and death, and higher lifetime vehicle ownership costs. These higher standards will finally begin alleviating some of these issues while moving the U.S. economy to 100% zero emissions by 2035.   

“We’re thankful for the opportunity to speak directly about our concerns to the EPA  and commend the Agency for heeding the calls of the public. It is time that these standards not only protect the health of consumers, but also their pockets.”