The Chevrolet Bolt hit the scene and crushed the electric vehicle competition with its huge range, spacious interior and enjoyable driving characteristics. But this year the competition is fighting back. The Tesla Model 3 is finally trickling into customers’ driveways, the Nissan Leaf is new with 151 miles of range, and the BMW i3 is sportier. Plus, Kia’s promising us a long-range Niro EV. So now the question is: Is the  Chevrolet Bolt still worth checking out? Short answer: Yep.

With more than 238 miles of range, plenty of space for people and cargo, a surprisingly fun driving experience, and a friendly price tag, the Bolt is a mainstream electric car that makes ditching gasoline seem possible. It can certainly fill the needs of most commuters, though its bargain-bin interior quality still disappoints.

The primary alternative you’ll want to consider is the new Model 3. It boasts all the Tesla mystique and drivability, along with a futuristic, minimalist interior and access to Tesla’s Supercharger network. However, supply is still short as of our review’s publication time, and it’s worth keeping in mind that Chevrolet has a nationwide dealer network that can quickly and easily provide service should anything go wrong.