About Us

EvHybridNoire, based in Atlanta, GA, is a non-profit geared towards the multi-cultural community with two main missions: To connect owners and operators of hybrids and electric vehicles (EV) and to educate about hybrid and EV. In particular, EVHybridNoire addresses the gap in knowledge/access and adaption of diverse audiences and electric, hybrid, and alternative fuel vehicles. As the major automotive manufacturers are moving into this new transportation future by committing to all electric or alternative energy platforms, EVHybridNoire is well positioned as a catalyst for change.

What We Do

  • Connect A Diverse Community of EV / Hybrid Autonomous Drivers
  • Electric / Hybrid / Autonomous Vehicle Reviews
  •  Provide The EVHybridNoire Community with resources
  • Electric / Hybrid / Autonomous Vehicle Education
  • Advocacy For EV/Hybrid
  • Adaptation For Diverse Consumers Public Policy Advocacy For Increased Public Charging Network
  • Focus Groups For EV / Hybrid Autonomous Drivers
  • Ride & Drives of Next Generation Vehicles
  • Event Programming To Increase The Exposure of EVs