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Electrifying, Educating & Engaging Diverse Communities Through E-Mobility & More
We Are The Nations Largest Network of Diverse EV Drivers & Enthusiast
Electric + Connected + Autonomous + Shared Mobility


We Invite You To Join Us At
Drive The Future HBCU Earth Day Event 
Fri, Apr 12 @ Spelman College 1p - 5p 
Spelman + Morehouse + Clark Atlanta + Morehouse School of Medicine
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Almost No
Maintenance Cost 


Charging is half
the price of filling up with gas


Charging can take
as little as 15 mins


can out preform
a traditional car in a 0-60 mph test

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What We Do

  • Connect A National Community of Diverse EV Drivers
  • Electric + Hybrid + Autonomous Vehicle Reviews
  • Provide EV Communities with Resources
  • Electric + Hybrid + Autonomous Vehicle Education
  • Advocacy for EV + Hybrid + Autonomous Vehicle Policies
  • Advocacy for Transportation & Energy Equity in Public Charging Infrastructure
  • Focus Groups With Electric + Hybrid + Autonomous Drivers
  • Ride & Drives of Next Generation Vehicles
  • Event Programming to Increase EV Exposure & Adoption To Diverse Communities



EV Resources

EV Charging Roadmap


If you do need a refill on-the-go, PlugShare makes it easy to find a charging station near you.

EV Videos

Hybrid-Electric Vehicles

Hybrid-electric vehicles combine a battery-powered electric motor with a conventional internal combustion engine ...

Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles

Plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) are hybrids with high-capacity batteries that can be charged by plugging them in ...

EV News & Reviews

Chevy Bolt 2019

Chevy Bolt 2018

The Chevrolet Bolt hit the scene and crushed the electric vehicle competition with its huge range, spacious interior and enjoyable…


Tesla 2018

As all established automakers know, a mass-market affordable car is more difficult to pull off than a small-volume luxury car.…


Nissan Leaf 2018

The Nissan Leaf electric car has a 40-kWh battery. We measured its driving range at 140 miles which is shorter…


About Us

EVHybridNoire is the first national multi-cultural organization focused on
E-Mobility, environmental equity, providing access for all to next generation vehicles (electric vehicles), expanding charging infrastructure, education, public policy advocacy as well providing resources and access to underserved and diverse communities around affordable clean and sustainable energy vehicles and platforms.  

Collaborating with utility companies, non profits, government agencies, public health groups, regional & national organizations as well as manufacturers to expand market share, execute EV focus groups of multi-cultural audiences, engage diverse students exposing them to emerging careers in an alternative fuel/electric vehicle economy, we offer opportunities for driving an Electric/Hybrid/Autonomous vehicles as well as highlighting the financial & public health benefits of driving next-generation zero emission vehicles.