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EVHybridNoire is the nation’s largest network of diverse electric vehicle (EV) drivers and enthusiasts. 


We work to advance EVs and multimodal e-mobility solutions across the U.S., and ensure those solutions are inclusive and equitable. We do that by engaging with communities often left out of e-mobility discussions, advocating for E-Mobility solutions in underserved communities, and shifting the narrative about E-Mobility to be more inclusive of diverse populations with electric, connected,  autonomous and shared Mobility.

We envision a world where
all communities are free of air pollution from cars and trucks, and everyone can reap the benefits of electric vehicles and other e-mobility solutions.


Almost No
Maintenance Cost 


Charging is half
the price of filling up with gas


Charging can take
as little as 15 mins


performance of EVs 
is unmatched

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What We Do

  • Grassroots Engagement: Via outreach to our nationwide network of members, ride-and-drive and other events, we engage communities impacted first and worst by climate change and air pollution to raise awareness of the benefits of EVs and other e-mobility solutions.
  • Advocacy & Decision-Maker Education: We meet with elected officials and regulators to ensure that decision-makers know about the diverse base of support for EVs, and that e-mobility policies being advanced incorporate diversity and equity. 
  • Media Outreach: We engage with the broader public via media and marketing campaigns, in order to strengthen local and national narratives about the broad appeal of EVs.
  • Speaking Engagements: We bring our thought leadership to dozens of events every year, and host our own events to bring together leaders across the e-mobility and equity communities. 
  • Research: We back up all of our work with extensive research, documenting the public health impacts of air pollution, and exploring which charging infrastructure and other e-mobility options make the most sense for local communities.

EV Resources

EV Charging Roadmap


If you do need a refill on-the-go, PlugShare makes it easy to find a charging station near you.

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About Us

EVHybridNoire is the nation's largest network of diverse electric vehicle drivers and enthusiasts. We are the voice of multi cultural EV drivers and the country's first multi-cultural organization focused on E-Mobility, environmental, energy and transportation equity, providing access for all to next generation vehicles (electric vehicles), expanding charging infrastructure, education, public policy advocacy as well providing resources and access to underserved and diverse communities around affordable clean and sustainable energy vehicles and platforms.  

Collaborating with non profits, government agencies, public health groups, regional & national organizations as well as manufacturers and utilities to expand market share, execute EV focus groups of multi-cultural audiences, engage diverse communities exposing them to emerging careers and economic / workforce development in the sustainable energy/transportation economy. We offer opportunities for driving an Electric/Hybrid/Autonomous vehicles as well as highlighting the financial & public health benefits of next-generation zero emission vehicles.